"We have been working with Denham Engineering since 2005 and they have always been a very competent and responsive firm.  Their team is very knowledgeable in all areas of permitting and they have saved us tens of thousands of dollars by completing their scope on time and streamlining the permitting process.  They have a firm understanding of what it takes to complete a project on time and they are also conscious of the monetary value of time to the project.  This understanding keeps them moving at a fast pace to complete our work as timely as possible.  I would recommend Denham Engineering to anyone looking for full civil engineering services"

John Schmid, President

“Brian, Thank you for your diligence and good work at the redevelopment of Hollieanna Shopping Center, Publix store #1388.
Any redevelopment project of an existing center is challenging but especially so when existing tenants remain open and there are no as‐built plans.
With your thorough approach and persistence we not only successfully concluded the construction of new water, sewer and stormwater systems but resolved the City of Winter Park utility problems in this area. Your input and assistance were invaluable.

We look forward to working with Denham Engineering again.”

Stephen E. Brandon, President


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